ERpro project

EMT Technologies initiated and supports an innovative project regarding emergency data and support of public safety.

Please find more information in the official web site of the Emergency Response Profile (ERpro)  digital solution.

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How can I protect efficiently my company?

The EU General Data Protection Regulation isn’t just about protecting sensitive information against hackers and leaks. The GDPR says just as much about data privacy. Here’s what businesses need to know about data privacy in the GDPR

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Instant accurate and reliable caller location through mobile app or specific device using device-based hybrid location

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MyMedicalFiles : Our ambitious new project on Healthcare


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Get your data organized and enable advanced sharing with any healthcare professional for as long it is need and you wish. 
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Native mobile application for responsive design, faster and better user experience. We use Blockchain and third party authentication (eIDAS) along with data encryption for extra security. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data Analytics capabilites will soon be  integrated   .

Security is our number one priority.

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MyMedicalFiles gives you a great opportunity to stay in touch
with the latest updates in the healthcare industry.


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  • Files Organiser
  • Medical History
  • Access Control - sharing
  • Drugs Database
  • Keep all Family records
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  • All Basic Features Plus:
  • Advanced Sharing
  • Integration with 3rd parties
  • Data Reports and various file format exports
  • Medicine Delivery
  • IoT Integration
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  • Video Consultation
  • Alert/EmergencyEmergency Service
  • E-Prescription
  • New features for future versions
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Keep all Family recordsvvv
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Advanced Sharing vv
Integration with 3rd parties vv
Data Reports and various file format exports vv
Medicine Delivery vv
IoT Integration vv
Alert/EmergencyEmergency Service  v
E-Prescription  v

Our Top Priority Innovative Project

Emergency Response Profile (ERpro)

Emergency Response and Security data platform.

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Beyond 4.0 2021

EMT Technologies is participated in  Beyond 4.0 at Thessaloniki, the first International Exhibition for Innovation and Technology also pitching at the WMF Worldwide Event Greece 2021-Startup Competition
on Saturday 16.10.21 for the project Emergency Response Profile (ERpro) .

Thessaloniki International Fair 2021

EMT Technologies  participated in the 85th Thessaloniki International fair at  Pavilion 7,  Ground Floor, booth 9, under Ministry of  Development and Investments – Startups & Elevate Greece from 15th to 19th of September 2021. 
You can search for us here

We were happy to present to the public the Emergency Response Profile (ERpro)  solution.

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