Nikolaos Bistikeas
Nikolaos Bistikeas
Senior SAP Developer
Evangelos Markopoulos
Information Technology Consultant

Evangelos Markopoulos is an Information Technology Expert with basic focus in ERP Systems and IS Security. He is an IRCA ISMS auditor and Data Protection Officer. He has entrepreneur DNA founding and co-founding various ideas/solutions such as : PlantIT (,, WarehouseMobile App business solution, (Event Management Activities ), (Online Secretarial Services).

Maria-Anna Tassi
Sociologist - Psychologist

Marianna Tassi is a sociologist and psychologist with special focus on mental health. She is co-founder of

Semina Markopoulou
Operations Manager

Semina Markopoulou is a successful Operations Manager in a leading Aerospace company. She is managing big customer’s operational requirements and managing a multinational team keeping always Health and Safety on a primary focus

Michalis Tsangidis
Senior Business Analyst

Michalis Tsangidis is a Senior Business Analyst working for more than 15 years for Intrasoft and European Union big scale – critical projects. He and Evangelos Markopoulos are co-founders of PlantIT.